There's been a lot of chatter among Idahoans lately regarding a bill that passed in the state Senate that would result in firing squads ending the lives of the worst of the worst offenders. Idaho would join a small number of other states to institute this form of ultimate punishment used primarily by military forces throughout world history.

A bill is currently sitting on Idaho Governor Brad Little's desk awaiting a response that would result in state criminals found guilty of the worst offenses being put to death by a barrage of bullets fired by an execution team. Presently, only Mississippi, Utah, Oklahoma, and South Carolina allow death by gunfire, according to

This method of execution may seem archaic to some, but others would argue it's more humane than lethal injection or gas. There's also the subject of money spent to confine these criminals for decades. Firing squads would save the state a great deal of money and time.

(WARNING: While the video doesn't show individuals being executed, some may find it disturbing.) 

Death by firing squads dates back to the Roman Empire (27 BC to AD 476) when teams used arrows to put criminals to death. In the United States, this method dates back to the early seventeenth century. There have been less than five firing squad executions in the U.S. since 1970.

How would you feel about Idaho green-lighting executions by firing squad? Why do you feel this form of execution benefits the state?

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