Idaho can be peaceful, but I don't know that I would ever refer to it as a quiet state, unless we are talking about the places where there aren't humans. But then how would we know if it's quiet or not? Lots of loud wild animals roam around the state and Bigfoot has been known to frequent the state. So, despite all the wild animals and humans with our guns and loud political opinions, Idaho has been ranked as one of the quietest states by Zippia. To be fair, in the Zippia methodology they don't appear to take into account any of the aforementioned noise makers we have in Idaho.

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The study is actually pretty interesting, or at least the results are, since almost all of the loudest states are on the east coast. Idaho ranked almost at the bottom at number 44 in the nation. I feel like that's something to cheer about...but that would be loud and contradictory to the results. We'll give it a library level cheer then.

The Zippia study based their results on the size of houses, number of people in those houses, people packed into the cities, and how many cars there are. Since we only drive tractors and potatoes in Idaho, I assume we were number 50 in that category. Also worth noting, all the states I would consider to be the country boy states with the guns and big loud trucks were also ranked as relatively quiet. Zippia ranked Montana, Colorado, the Dakotas, and Wyoming quieter than us.

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