I've visited some rank-smelling places in the United States in my days over travel, but I've never really considered Idaho a foul-smelling state. Apparently, a national website that tracks career data emphatically agrees with me.

Having lived in Twin Falls for a long time, I can't say the city is as pleasant smelling as, say, Sawtooth City, where one is surrounded by beautiful mountains as far as the eye can see. The fresh, mountain air in Idaho is as good as smells get.

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We're all familiar with the scents that swirl around Twin Falls on a breezy day from factories and processing plants like Lamb Weston, Amalgamated Sugar, and Falls Brand. The combination of exhaust and fumes from these businesses can sting the nostrils a bit, but we love the work they're doing and appreciate the great things they do for the community.

The website Zippia placed the Gem State at number 47 on the list of the smelliest states in the country. This means only three states smell better than Idaho, and those are Wyoming, South Dakota, and North Dakota. We'll take it Zippia!

The top five smelliest states on the list are Maryland, California, Florida, Delaware, and Massachusetts. Dental hygiene, air quality, and the number of landfills were factored into the list Zippia compiled on January 1, 2023.

Of those five smallest states, I've only visited (and lived) in California, so I have to hold judgment. Idaho does smell pretty darn good I will say.

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