Did you feel the 2.6 earthquake that happened just before midnight Saturday night near Challis, Idaho? Of course, you didn't. An earthquake this small wouldn't wake the chickens if their hen house was located directly over where the 2.6 was centered.

According to the USGS, here's where this mighty quake was located.

  • 14km (9mi) NE of Challis, Idaho
  • 199km (124mi) NE of Boise, Idaho
  • 199km (124mi) SW of Butte, Montana
  • 201km (125mi) ENE of Garden City, Idaho
  • 205km (127mi) WNW of Rexburg, Idaho

While last night's quake was nothing to lose any sleep over, it's just another gentle - very gentle in this case - reminder that earthquakes do happen here and can be severe like the 1983 Borah Peak quake that registered 6.9.

I don't care if it is possible that we might have another major quake, there's no way I'm ever sleeping in this earthquake-proof bed.

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