I hadn’t given it much thought until we had a widespread power outage this week.  Twin Falls County Republican Party Chairman Steve Millington theorized ice was a potential culprit.  While I don’t have a cause listed (I’m writing this from isolation at home) it makes sense.  Ice is heavy.  Even a thin coating stretched across power lines is a lot of weight to shoulder.  The persistent fog we’ve been experiencing is building up on lines and tree branches.  It looks pretty and with mostly overcast skies it slows the melt.  Day after day, the fog has been freezing as layers of crystals.  Eventually, something will give.

A New Storm is Coming

The trucks were out treating the roads on Wednesday morning as an expected snowfall is coming.  One forecast suggests it may mix with rain, which means it could be warm enough for the ice to melt.  Or, if temperatures are near freezing, look out!

This has been an interesting winter.  With many personalities on display.  The long-range forecast shows increasing sun but no serious thaw ahead.  I don’t want to live in the dark for a couple of days, but also realize what we’ve witnessed so far is a plus when it comes to ending the drought.

It's Worse in the Mountains

Last week, a friend in Challis told me her family had eight feet of snow on their mountain.  It’s what they like to see.

Good for them.  If they would like to entirely take on the burden of ending the dry spell, they have my permission!  Please send pictures.  I’ll share them with friends and explain I’m happy I don’t live in Challis.

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