Butch Cassidy robbed a lot of banks back in his day. He also buried a lot of treasure. The word is that Butch loved cash, but hated gold coins. There is a legend that says that Butch buried a lot of those gold coins either in or near Idaho and it may not be far from the Magic Valley.

Legends of America has some tasty parts of the Butch Cassidy story.

Shoshone County - Butch Cassidy and his outlaw gang allegedly buried some of their loot north of the old stage road between Spokane Falls, Washington and Wallace, Idaho. The cache was said to have been buried along a creek on the wedge of a beaver dam.

There was even a movie made about Butch's treasure being buried in either Idaho or Utah.

One of the rumored potential treasure locations is Irish Canyon. It's only about a 3 hour drive from Twin.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Only In Your State also references Butch's famous Idaho bank robbery, which could be connected to the treasure.

What do you think? Is the famous outlaw's treasure REALLY buried near us or is this just an Old West snipe hunt?

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