When we brought you information a few weeks ago about the legend of the lost treasure of Brown's Bench, a few listeners asked us about another lost Idaho treasure they had heard about that allegedly was located near the City of Rocks. This is what we found.

One of the first places we found some interesting background on this story was the Legends Of America website. Here's their knowledge about this.

In 1863, a man named Ed Long, along with a partner, stole almost $100,000 in gold dust and nuggets from a stagecoach in Portneuf Canyon in eastern Idaho. The stage, headed from the gold camps of Montana, was bound for Salt Lake City when it was waylaid between Pocatello and McCammon, Idaho.

As the story goes, they knew the posse would be after them and hid the gold near the City of Rocks.

What do you think? Time to get our own posse together and head for the Idaho-Utah border? $1.6 million would sure make a lot of mortgage payments go away. Who's thinking it's time to visit the City of Rocks again?

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