Idaho may not be the most popular state in the nation and some people don't actually know where we are or that we are not the same state as Ohio or Iowa. There are a lot of people who are realizing that Idaho is awesome and many come to vacation or live here. Idaho is even a pretty popular state on the game show Jeopardy! There have been almost two dozen contestants from around Idaho and more than 300 questions and answers referencing the state.

How do I know all this? Am I some Jeopardy! super-fan or just really smart and should be a contestant on the show? No, I'm neither of those things but I do have the internet and the internet knows all things. A fan-made site has categorized all the answers from the decades of shows and included a handy search engine for curious visitors.

I found that Idaho has been mentioned more than 300 times on Jeopardy! and that the first mention was on episode #277 in 1985. The $400 answer referenced Sun Valley and Craters of the Moon. In addition to the 300 mentions of Idaho, there are more mentions of cities and locations in the state. Including a few mentions where Idaho was given as the wrong response. Boise results come up at 63, but a few of those are due to fancy foreign words with the letters 'boise' in them. Twin Falls has been mentioned six times in clues and one contestant, librarian Jennifer Hills, was from Twin Falls.

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