Jeopardy is still the most-watched trivia game show in the world, even though iconic host Alex Trebek passed away in 2020. Judging by a YouTube channel devoted to all things Idaho, it appears most residents of the country's forty-third state would get one question wrong about their home if asked by Mr. Trebek.

Jeopardy first began airing in 1964. I wasn't even born for another decade, and yet I'll still stop for a few minutes to this day when I scroll across it on the tube. One of my mother's ex-husbands was a Jeopardy fanatic, and I remember sitting on the couch from time to time watching him run the board correctly guessing every answer. I might get a handful of questions correct in a round, but that's about it.

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How much do you know about your home state? I wasn't born in Idaho, but when I first moved to the state years ago, I found it important to do my homework. I researched stuff like the founding date, the length of the Snake River, and the state flower. I wanted to get a firm understanding of the Gem State's history prior to crossing state lines.

A YouTube video was uploaded a few weeks ago titled, "Can You Answer This Idaho Question?" It's a fact I also researched and learned way before I settled in Twin Falls, because I'm weird like that.

The question in the short video is, "What is the Idaho state bird?" Most Idahoans didn't know the answer. The Mountain Bluebird is the correct response.

Would you have got this Idaho-related question correct had Alex Trebek asked you on Jeopardy?

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