If real reality isn't real enough for you, there is now a virtual reality arcade in Eagle, Idaho.

Our YouTube buddy, Hey Arnel, discovered VR1 Arcade in Eagle. As you can see in the video, they have several different areas sectioned off so many players can play simultaneously. They claim to be the first virtual reality arcade in Idaho.

From what I can tell in the video, it appears they're using HTC Vive virtual reality headsets and controllers. In my opinion, these are the highest quality virtual reality headsets you can use and better than Oculus Rift or the Playstation VR. You mess around with tons of experiences including searching the Titanic.

According to Arnel's video, there are over 200 games loaded on their systems, so boredom is not likely.

A VR arcade is a swell idea. Playing VR in your home means having a large enough area where you won't break things. VR1 Arcade in Eagle is only a couple hours away from the Magic Valley making it a decent weekend trip option.

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