The 91st Academy Awards Ceremony is airing this Sunday, February 24. The last known Idaho resident to win an academy award passed away just a couple of years ago in Middleton.

George Kennedy, who was a monster in both the television and film industry, was a resident of Eagle, Idaho, for 14 years. Kennedy passed away February 28 of 2016 at a senior care facility 14 miles from his home.

In 1968 he won a best supporting Oscar for his role in "Cool Hand Luke." Kennedy appeared in such television shows as "Rawhide" and "Bonanza." He moved to Idaho in 2002.

The roll I most remember Kennedy for (sadly) is that of Ed Hocken in the "Naked Gun" films. He had a great on-screen chemistry with Leslie Nielsen I thought. I found it interesting that this great actor spent more than a decade proudly calling himself an Idaho resident.

Below is one of the more memorable clips that I'm sure fans of the Naked Gun, like myself, will remember and enjoy.