A very familiar truck that has been seen throughout the Magic Valley at various events was spotted in the Dutch Bros drive-through recently.

Tow Mater--occupied by a human in this recent photo taken by Twin Falls' resident Mike Kestler--looked like his usual chipper, rusty self, as he waited in line for some coffee. Mater, who regularly travels the 650 miles from Radiator Springs (Peach Springs, Arizona) to Twin Falls to make appearances at area auto events, apparently did not make the trip with long time friend Lightning McQueen.

tow mater 1edit
Mike Kestler

I want to thank Mike for letting me use this photo. Seeing this truck sputter around Twin Falls is an obvious joy for not just kids in the area, but all fans of the animated franchise, of which I am a BIG ONE!

I actually had the privilege of meeting and interviewing one of Mater's biggest fans at the 2016 Celebrity Golf Tournament in Lake Tahoe. Actor Larry the Cable Guy (Daniel Whitney) stopped to speak with me after what he called a "not so good" round at the Edgewood Tahoe that summer.

Amelia Jannetta

We wish Mater safe travels on his way back to Radiator Springs. Until next time!




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