People hang signs in their yards to send a clear message. In Idaho, ignoring these signs is like welcoming a clear and present danger.

We're used to seeing signs like, "No Trespassing," "Do Not Enter," and "No Soliciting." These are subtle ways of telling us that the property owner really just wants to be left alone. I own signs, but they are hanging up to let people know that I have a sense of humor.

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"Please Check Your Guns At The Door," "No Hippies Allowed," and "Please Don't Do Coke In The Bathroom," are signs I own that let people know I'm pretty easygoing. I also don't really want strangers coming around my house either, and I have the means to enforce that if required.

I've seen some crazy yard signs in the Gem State. Idahoans love their guns, and signs that tell a stranger they are more than ready to combat shadiness are all too common. There's even a popular decal that many Idahoans own and display on their cars and trucks that shows the state rotated 90 degrees to resemble a firearm with a bullet exiting.

You'd have to have a death wish basically to enter an Idaho property without permission. A doorbell camera and an AR-15 are all a person needs to thwart unwanted visitors. "Shoot First, Ask Questions Later," is about as Idaho as it gets.

There's a reason Idaho makes the top 10 list of safest states.

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