Concert season is just about upon us in Idaho. The type of experience many of us will have when heading out to see our favorite bands this spring and summer will depend on a few factors, including who we're with and how much booze is consumed.

What Idaho concerts are on your radar this year? For me, the April 23 concert by Kane Brown at the Ford Idaho Center in Nampa is way up on the list. My wife is a huge fan of Brown, and I've come to like his music as well.

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We went to a few concerts in 2022. Jack Johnson, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Beck, and Ziggy Marley were a few artists we saw last summer. The last time I went to a show with a large group of people was in 2015 when the Dave Matthews Band performed at the Gorge Amphitheater in Washington State. I shy away from these types of trips nowadays because I'm not big on hand-holding or babysitting other adults who can't control their booze consumption.

There have been numerous occasions in my life where alcohol has fueled drama among people I've accompanied to shows. I like to actually remember the concerts I go to, so I've learned to keep drinking to a minimum at live shows in recent years.

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