Earlier this month, 'Doctor Who' showrunner Steven Moffat teased a "big introduction" and a "dynamic" hour of television for the series' eighth season premiere, and nothing says "big" and "dynamic" quite like a giant viewing on a massive screen. The BBC has just announced that they are indeed going literal with Moffat's promise: the new season premiere will bow on a big screen near you.

The new episode, titled 'Deep Breath,' will be available in select theaters on August 23, the same day it will also debut on the small screen. It's poised to be one heck of an episode, as it not only introduces new Doctor Peter Capaldi for the very first time, but because it's got an impressive director behind the camera -- 'Kill List' filmmaker Ben Wheatley. Penned by Moffat, it should be an auspicious start for the new Doctor and his companion Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman). As the first official photo of the episode makes pretty clear, this adventure is set in Victorian London. Pretty chic.

It's not the first time that the beloved series has gone the silver screen route -- last year's instant classic episode 'The Day of the Doctor' also showed in movie theaters. Moffat explains, "Last November the Doctor didn't just conquer the world on television, he did it in the cinemas too. And like the show-off he is, he can't resist another go - one taste of the silver screen is never enough. On August 23 the new Doctor will begin his new adventures on BBC One and in cinemas all over the world. Movie-land beware - Capaldi is coming to get you!" Hey, that's fine by us.

Still hungry for some 'Doctor Who' satisfaction? Why not give the latest trailer another watch?

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