And I though frozen shoulder was the latest, weird medical condition I've been introduced to. Well, now doctors are urging avid selfie takers to limit the amount of time they point their phones at themselves.

Selfie Wrist is a thing now, and it's on the rise. The condition's symptoms mirror those of carpal tunnel, according a report by MSN Lifestyle. The act of flexing the wrist inward overtime is resulting in an increase number of doctor visits by cell phone users.

You're apparently not just inviting wrist pain by taking too many selfies. People are also gambling with their lives, especially posing in public settings. There have been close to 300 deaths globally due to selfie taking since 2011, according to Wikipedia.

According to a post at, Hell's Canyon National Recreation Area might be contributing to the problem of selfie wrist in Idaho, as it was recently voted the top spot to take a selfie in the Gem State.

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