A 4-year-old boy was playing with a neighbor's dog through a chain link fence when the dog bit the child above the wrist and tore off the lower part of his arm including the hand.

Crews have been unable to locate the missing limb and fear it may have been ingested by one of the two Husky dogs in the neighbor's yard. KSL says the dogs have never bitten anyone before and it is believed that the boy was holding a sock through the fence for the dog to grab and the Husky unintentionally bit off the boys' limb. The child was sent to Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City and the dogs were taken into custody by the Animal Control. Idaho News KBOI calls the accident an attack by the dog while the responding official calls it an 'innocent child play moment...that took a tragic turn.' Comments in online Facebook and Twitter posts say the child is to blame, others blame the dogs or the owners, and some say the blame should be on the parents of the small boy.

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