An Idaho missing persons website recently shared a story about cadaver dogs picking up the scent of possible human remains near the campsite DeOrr Kunz went missing from years ago. Theories in the case have ranged from abduction to animal attack, to a possible family cover-up.

There has been some recent activity by law enforcement in the continued search for the boy that disappeared from a Leadore campsite four years ago. DeOrr Kunz was 2-years-old when he vanished without a trace in July of 2015. The family has denied any involvement in the disappearance from day one.

The forest service announced they were sectioning off an area of interest in late June of 2019, restricting campers from entering. At around the same time, Idaho Missing Alert's Facebook page shared details on cadaver dogs reportedly alerting handlers to the presence of human remains, a story initially reported by KTVB.

If anyone has any information on this case, please contact the Lemhi County Sheriff's Office, at 208-756-8980.


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