Yes, it's that easy!  From now till Friday, June 1st at Shari's on Blue Lakes Boulevard in Twin Falls - If you drop off at least five canned goods to Shari's, they'll hook you up with a pair of tickets to the races at the Magic Valley Speedway on Saturday, June 2nd.  While supplies get in there NOW!

This all started last Saturday.  And it never fails, the weather always sucks on Memorial weekend.  Maybe it should suck?  Maybe mother nature is crying for all those whom we lost, who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Either way, the weather sucked on Saturday when we kicked off "The Snake's Drive Out The Hunger!" But that didn't stop you from donating cans.  That's pretty kick ass if you ask me.

Luckily, Shari's continues to see that need and was gracious enough to continue to let you all donate now through Friday.  Do it for the Magic Valley Speedway tickets or just do it because it helps the Magic Valley.

Thanks to Ken from the South Central Community Action Partnership, the entire staff at Shari's on Blue Lakes in Twin, and Eddie and Chris McKean from the Magic Valley Speedway.  Also, thank you to everyone who donated.  The Magic Valley sure needs it.

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