Southern Idaho has no shortage of dangerous roadways when it comes to winter driving. There is one stretch of highway that strands more motorists in December and January than any other, according to a Twin Fall's tow Company.

If you google the area's best towing companies, Highway 30 Garage, in Twin Falls, will pop up with an impressive A+ rating. Dan Killinger is the garage's general manager, and recently we discussed winter driving here in southern Idaho. According to Killinger, we are smack-dab in the middle of the worst time to be navigating area roadways, with one stretch being a giant headache for tow truck drivers.

"Hwy 93 between Jackpot and Twin has the worst snow drifts around," said Killinger. "And people just drive too fast."

I am all too familiar with this stretch of highway; I try to avoid driving it like the plague. In 2011, I traveled from California to Twin Falls to attend a funeral. I encountered the worst weather I've ever seen while passing through, so bad in fact that motorists just simply stopped in the middle of the highway due to poor visibility and heavy winds.

"December 15th through January 30th, we send the most drivers out there," said Killinger.

I personally witnessed two snow-related auto accidents in Twin Falls over the holiday weekend. People just don't drive careful enough when it snows, regardless of how much is on the ground. Killinger had some parting words of advice for motorists in the area prior to hanging up.

"Remember to drive for road conditions. If you drive fast there's a good chance you'll ditch," said Killinger. "Slow down, it'll only cost you a few extra minutes."



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