You'd be surprised what people will do to get their videos viewed. One should never partake in dangerous stunts for the purpose of going viral, but advice such as this isn't always heeded as one Idaho man recently demonstrated to an online audience.

There are things we hear people say throughout the course of growing from a child to an adult that sticks with us. "Don't swim on a full stomach," "Never lie down on the railroad tracks," and "Don't approach a momma bear with its cubs," are just a couple of examples. Electricity is also one of those things that people shouldn't tamper with.

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I remember buying one of those shock pens at a novelty store years ago. I'd leave it on my desk at work because I sat in an area of the building that got a lot of foot traffic, and people often need a pen spur of the moment. It was a harmless prank that would get some good laughs from time to time.

Electrical fences are a different beast altogether. National Geographic once tested the urine to electrical fence theory. They proved that people can receive up to 400 volts or more of electricity from peeing on electrical fences.

People do actually die from doing this from time to time, according to A video titled, "Don't pee on the electric fence," was uploaded on social media recently and identified as having taken place in Idaho (#Idaho).

Again, while people might find this stunt humorous, you can get seriously injured or worse, so it should most definitely be avoided.

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