A new coffee shop is coming to Twin Falls and we are ridiculously excited. Double Shot Coffee will be a drive thru on the south side of town. We don't have an opening date yet but we do have a bit more info about it.

Double Shot Coffee got it's start up in Pocatello and has won Best Coffee Shop in the area. According to their Facebook page and menu, they have a lot of options to choose from. In fact, they even have some options that don't have any coffee in them at all like Chai Tea, hot cocoa, Italian soda, smoothies and more.

Their location in Pocatello has a bakery so you can get donuts, frosted bars, fritters and basically all the deliciously unhealthy perfect wake up in the morning goodness that a bakery has. Now, I am not positive yet if the Twin Falls location will have the bakery but I really hope so. There isn't a ton of information about the Twin Falls location up so all of this is based on the Pocatello coffee shop that is now expanding here.

It looks like Double Shot has a variety of flavor syrups that you can choose from so if you want to create your own delicious concoction I bet they can do that. Check out all the information at their Facebook page.

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