Inside the Canyon Crest Event Center there will be a new restaurant opening soon called Redhawk and it looks like it is going to be fantastic. Right now the Canyon Crest Event Center is closed for remodeling and we are ecstatic for them to open back up.

During the renovation the owners have been sharing some updates about the restaurant on their new Facebook page. According to them, the new concept is going to feel more like a pub but still have some classy dishes and some pub like food.

The video they shared said there is going to be 28 beer taps and a little less wine. They have done a lot of remodeling already and they are continuing and updating as they go. The video also stated that they plan on having something for everyone on the menu whether that be steak and seafood or "downscale" dishes.

The new menu has not been officially released yet nor has the opening date but we will be diligently searching and do an update as soon as that information becomes available.

They did share a second video of some of the things that I would only assume would be on that new menu and I have to say it looks fantastic. I can't wait to see what this new place has in store. I think a gastropub hang out spot is something that will go over very well in this area.

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