We don't often pay a great deal of attention to 'Downton Abbey,' apart from the frequent ambient overhearings of "Countess This" and "Dowager That." It isn't that we don't enjoy a spirited adult drama, or xenophobically get our period drama fix from 'Mad Men,' but rather we have a great deal of stockpiled TV series to get to, Emmy wins or not. We had heard however some debate as to whether or not the series would receive a fourth year, and now those concerns have been safely lain to rest. Are you ready for 'Downton Abbey' series 4?

Fans of scandalous, uptight period drama, and viewers of the award-winning cultural phenomenon of ‘Downton Abbey' needn't fear the show disappearing into the background any time soon. According to TVLine, ITV has officially picked up the drama for a fourth series, following concerns its recent series 3 finale would be its last.

The third cycle recently wrapped airing overseas, and will begin airing on PBS on January 6, 2013. No formal date has been set for a PBS airing of season 4, but official production is expected to begin in February.

“We’re thrilled to welcome back a drama series that has become a much anticipated part of all our lives every autumn and achieved success around the globe," said ITV executive Laura Mackie. "[Series creator] Julian Fellowes and the production team, led by Gareth [Neames] and the producer Liz Trubridge, never rest on their laurels and have exciting plans."

Are you excited that a fourth series of 'Downton Abbey' is confirmed? Take a look at the trailer for season 3, beginning its PBS airing next year:

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