I never thought I'd be jealous of a rock chuck, but with all the rain we've had in southern Idaho this month, I found myself resenting this little greasy marmot for locating such a pleasantly scenic ledge to take in some rays between recent storms.

A new YouTube post dated May 27, 2019, is yet another spectacularly executed drone video that showcases the beauty of the Magic Valley. Complete with rainbows and marvelous aerials of Shoshone Falls, the three-minute footage by Rubik3X is a reminder of how good outdoor enthusiasts have it here in the Twin Falls area.

The real show stealing aspect of this video comes 1:42 in, when the camera zooms in on a rock chuck, capturing the yawns and chews of an animal that has one-upped all of us.

Of course, at the end of the day, I have the luxury of heading home and grilling up a seasoned, choice cut of beef--followed by a hot shower, with a generous helping of my wife's expensive, lavender-scented body wash (unbeknownst to her)--which this smelly little bastard isn't privy to. No, a meal of weeds and insects, followed by a dirty night's rest in a murky hole, is likely how this day ended for this obese, disease-ridden squirrel.

I'm glad resentment is not in my nature. I'd like to share with you now a great recipe for a rock chuck stew.




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