If you are looking for a last minute costume, maybe you didn't think you were going to do anything this year and then out of nowhere you got invited to a mandatory costume party, we have some Idaho themed costumes that are easy to pull off and to make.


  • 1

    A potato

    Honestly all you have to do is dress up in all brown and maybe draw some dark circles on the clothing for spots or eyes. Face paint would be easy too.

  • 2

    A Hunter

    You know you have camo in your closet. Wear all camo, maybe some boots and grab a prop gun. Super easy.

  • 3


    Dress in all purple and this is an easy one. Paint your face, easy.

  • 4

    A Star Garnet

    Wear a all red outfit and when people ask you what you are, create a star shape out of your body and tell them. Maybe throw some glitter on the outfit for a little extra pizazz.

  • 5


    Just get a white shirt and draw the state of Idaho on it with a sharpie, put a heart in there where you're from and you're Idahome.

  • 6

    Smurf Turf

    Dress up all in blue, add some fake turf to the shirt and you're a creative football field.

  • 7

    A Vandal

    Completely vandalize your outfit. Tear holes in your shirt, add some "trash" and super glue it to your outfit, spray paint something on it.

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