Halloween might still be four months away, but for die-hard fans of the scariest night of the year, when opportunities to make the annual celebration bigger and more terrifying than the previous year present themselves, it's never too soon to take advantage. An annual event that books venues throughout the United States and caters to Halloween and horror film fans is coming to Idaho's capital city in a few short weeks.

Is June too soon to bring up Halloween? I didn't think so.

Halloween is a special time of year in Twin Falls. Every year it seems more and more people in the city go the extra yard to present truly unique experiences for those that love to celebrate all that is dark and ghoulish. Last Halloween, one of the newer local attractions that a lot of people checked out for the first time was the Pahsimeroi Drive Haunted House. The owner of the property did an amazing job, and I had the opportunity to take my family through it.

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Other October, southern Idaho spook staples, include the Haunted Mansions of Albion and The Haunted Swamp. Both attractions will be frightening locals for the Halloween season again this year in roughly 16 weeks.

My wife and I decorate every year, and every year we try to up our game. A great chance to dress up, surround yourself with other freaky fans of Halloween, get some good decorating ideas, or pick up some merch is coming in the form of the 2022 Idaho Halloween & Horror-Con. This year's event is August 12-14 at the Red Lion Hotel Boise Downtowner.

Celebrity guests, vendors, food, tattoo artists, scares, and more will once again be a part of the August celebration.

Pahsimeroi Drive Haunted House In Twin Falls

Photos of an annual must-do Halloween attraction in Twin Falls

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