As we get closer to Eddie Braun's attempted jump of the Snake River Canyon on Saturday, September 17, details are starting to emerge on what will take place. One of the most interesting aspects revealed so far is the expected duration of the event.

The Spokesman revealed in an interview with Eddie that the jump itself will only last around 3.9 seconds.

But one way or another, the jump will be over in seconds.

“3.9 seconds – that’s how long the rocket will fire,” Braun said.

In those few seconds, the steam-powered rocket, with Braun in it, will go from zero to 430 mph.

The event will be televised, but the network that will broadcast it has not been announced as of now.

There is a press conference for local media scheduled for this Wednesday, September 14 when more details of Saturday's event should be revealed. Stay tuned.

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