There have been rumors for years about possible attempts to do what Evel Knievel could not: jump the Snake River Canyon in a rocket. Now, there are facts that we can pass along about Eddie Braun's vision.

Here are some things we learned from the official press conference where Eddie and his team discussed how their Snake River Canyon jump will go.

  • Jump is tentatively scheduled for sometime Saturday, September 17.
  • The decision of when to jump will greatly depend on wind speed.
  • The ramp is located just to the east of the Hansen bridge.
  • The landing location will be on the Twin Falls County side of the Canyon.
  • Only 499 hand-picked individuals will be allowed to be at the launch site at the time of the jump.
  • Idaho State Patrol and other law enforcement officials will not allow stopping/parking on Hansen Bridge.
  • Eddie has a "Do Not Resuscitate" document that he signed in the event that he is seriously injured.

Here are some rumors we have heard that may or may not be true.

  • The jump could happen as early as noon on Friday.
  • A listener has shared information about the jump possibly being shown on the Monday morning edition of "Good Morning, America".

This is a developing story and we will update you as soon as we have new information. You can view nearly the entire press conference with Eddie and his team above.

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