Magic Valley Speedway track owner Eddy McKean will be strapping on his helmet and racing this weekend in Bakersfield, California at the 2015 Winter Showdown at Kern County Raceway.

So how much money are we talking about winning here?

According to Kern Raceway

The nationally televised “Winter Showdown” will be one of the richest asphalt short track events in the nation, with over $150,000.00 in prize money, and a record $25,000.00 payday to the winner of the Winter Showdown 250.

How would you like to make twenty-five grand in one weekend?

Good luck to Eddy McKean and his entire team! No pressure, but make the Magic Valley proud!

Tickets available now at Kern Raceway.

Here's Ashley Houle from Magic Valley Speedway talking about her dad, Eddy McKean getting ready for racing this weekend in his own car!

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