Another day, another video of a Yellowstone Park tourist having a bad experience with a large animal.  The video is posted on the Instagram page Tourons of Yellowstone.  A bull elk took issue with a man who thought the approaching animal was a cuddly toy.  The elk crosses a road and finds a line of tourists on the other side.  None show any interest in moving.  BAM!!!  The bull decks a fellow.  Then there’s a delayed reaction from the other gold dang dummies along the road.  Then some turn and run away in fear.

Not sure when the video was taken.  It appeared in my news feed the night before I wrote this.  Considering the constant barrage of these videos, can we ask how steep is the public’s learning curve?

The rise of cellphone cameras brought this about.  People stop to take pictures, still and moving, of the animals and believe they need to get close.  Look, if you can afford a trip to Yellowstone, you can probably afford a good camera with a zoom lens.  That would allow some safe distance between you and an animal that’s the size of a light truck.

I said it the other day during a post and I know it’s not nice, however.  If the lessons from these videos aren’t seeking in, then we at least have people working on their own to cleanse the human gene pool of abject idiots.  It’s quite a sacrifice to make, but if we reduce the number of human beings lacking common sense, then the intelligent have better opportunities to reproduce.

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