Everyone, I mean everyone has felt the economic slump, but somethings are looking up.  One of which is holiday bonuses:

Employers will be more generous in providing holiday gifts and bonuses. Just over four in 10 employers (41 percent) will give employees some type of year-end gift or bonus this holiday season, up significantly from the historical low of 33 percent of employers who did so in 2009. This marks a reversal of a three-year decline in holiday gift giving.

With the good, comes the bad...employer given booze is on the decline:

Alcohol will be a widely available but less so than in previous years. Among employers offering year-end companywide parties, 58 percent will be serving alcoholic beverages to guests. While this is a sizeable majority, it is a 3 percentage-point decline in the availability of spirits since 2009 (61 percent) and a 7-point decline since 2008 (65 percent).

I guess this isn't so bad!  Just pay me more and I'll buy my own damn booze!

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