The newest dance challenge does not disappoint. 2019 is looking to be the best one yet for law enforcement officers to get up, show their fun side and boogie!

The "Git Up Challenge" is a song that combines Rap and Country and comes with a pretty epic line dance. Some of these law enforcement officers are completely killing it. It is hard not to smile at something like this. And I bet we have some law enforcement officers around the Magic Valley that can shake it as good if not better than the rest of them!

What do you say? Think we can get our law enforcement officers to take part in the challenge? I bet if we convince them it will be one of the most epic ones yet. I mean, it is hard not to smile when this guy is dancing, could you imagine Chief Kingsbury or Sheriff Tom Carter getting their groove on? I might pay money to see that!

Even if they don't this is definitely a dance challenge I can get behind.

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