Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays but it can be stressful, especially if you are the one hosting dinner. Making sure the food is cooked, the clean up is easy and Uncle Joe doesn't sit next to Aunt Martha can be taxing. So we have things that make hosting dinner easier.

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    Festive Tablecloth

    Not only do tablecloths look nice but they also protect your table from the dozens of people who will be eating at your table. Make sure you get one machine washable so when the gravy boat spills all over it you can just pop it in the washer the next day.

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    Themed Disposable Plates

    Themed disposable plates are perfect for the kids table or if you aren't wanting to bring out the fine china. Some of it is really nice looking and you don't have to worry about a huge sink full of dishes after. Well, at least a smaller sink of dishes.

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    Insulated Portable Fold-able Cooler

    An insulated and portable cooler is a great way to save space in the fridge by getting the bulky drinks out of there. Save all the space in the fridge for the food and have easy access to the drinks. Plus easy clean up and storage.

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    Rotating Serving Platter

    Having a rotating serving platter can save the food from having too many hands in it. Rotate the platter to exactly what snack or appetizer you want and keep things clean. Less dishes to do if the appetizers are all in one platter.

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    Place Holders

    We all have those people in our family that can't stand to sit next to each other. Create a seating chart, get place holders and make sure no one feels left out, is sat next to someone they don't like and everyone has someone to talk to. It is a good way to prevent the usual family drama.

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    Disposable Containers For Leftovers

    You are really going to want these disposable containers for anyone who wants leftovers. Never have to worry about giving away your good containers again. These seal, are heavy duty and you don't need them back.

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