I’ve heard of some pretty unusual names in my day. Some were in tribute to other people, or even things that inspired the child’s parents. Now, in a tribute to the success of the recent protests in Egypt, an Egyptian man has announced that his firstborn daughter has been named “Facebook.” Yep, you read that correctly. “Facebook.”

According to a published report quoting the Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram, the baby’s full name is ‘Facebook’ Jamal Ibrahim (the father’s name). Facebook’s family, friends and neighbors are reportedly pleased with her unconventional name.

The networking site Facebook has become so popular in the country, that the Egyptian Army that has been running the country since President Hosni Mubarak stepped down, joined the site on Friday, and already had over 66,000 fans that day.

So, I can hear it now when the girl gets a little older and her father is calling her…”Facebook, get your butt in here now, and bring your brother Twitter with you!”

From Chris Kai

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