The feral cat issue in my Twin Falls neighborhood has been an ongoing problem for years. If you notice fewer birds and lizards in your home garden this summer it's likely because of the alarming number of stray cats wandering city streets and alleys.

Feral cats in Twin Falls have been a major issue in the city for years. Every morning I warm my truck up I can count on seeing two to three of them wandering the alley behind our home. Our neighbor feeds them from time to time, which only compounds the problem.

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Breeding, fleas, fights among stray and domestic cats, and other problems are created by people nurturing feral cats to the point it increases numbers and results in dependency between these animals and humans. Many cat lovers I know make the argument that cats help control rodent populations, which is true, but there's also another side to that coin.

Feral cats also kill birds and lizards in yards and gardens across the country. Bird populations within the city are affected by the presence of stray cats, and this is troublesome to many homeowners.

Feral cats also find their way under porches and into attics regularly, and new litters often suffer from neglect and spread diseases to our pets, according to The issue of the city's feral cat population was also recently raised by an area resident on a local website devoted to Twin Falls matters.

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