Much like human beings, animals aren't prone to turning down offerings of food. A home in southwest Idaho has become known as a hangout for wild deer since the owner began feeding them a decade ago.

There is a reason signs are made that say "don't feed the animals." The reason being is that animals will aggressively pursue handouts from people, and before too long, the word will get out. It's advice I abide by when it comes to squirrels and birds, but if we're talking about daily visits by dozens of wild deer, I might have to cave and welcome such a visit.

Cascade, Idaho, is 200 miles northwest of Twin Falls. Apparently, a local homeowner has made friends with the area's wild deer population to the point that motorists passing through the neighborhood are known to bring scraps of food for curbside delivery.

A recent YouTube video got my attention. According to the individual who shared the 20-minute video, a local has been feeding deer in Cascade for close to 10 years.


When we are talking about feeding wild animals, bear and mountain lion I would avoid offerings to, because to look out my window and see a dozen of either of them in my backyard would be a tad unsettling. Deer however aren't really known for figuring out how to enter and trash a home in the pursuit of a meal, so getting to witness these beautiful animals frolicking around my property would be kind of cool.

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