Last years Bronco season rocked!  Except for that Nevada game, but we all worked hard - The players, your bartenders, the tailgaters, even me, I worked my ass off with BSU Bashes.  And we all had high hopes of going all the way or at least to a great Bowl Game.  In the end we got the MAACO Bowl in Las Vegas.

That said, does it piss you off that West Virginia got to the Fiesta Bowl, won it, and also lost over $1 Million on a "trip?"  A "trip" that involved a high profile BCS voter, the West Virginia Coach, AND a strip club.  Find out more after the jump.

Lets jump right in.  Sports Illustrated is reporting that after the West Virginia win in the 2011 Fiesta Bowl, the coach took a little excursion on the schools bill of course and they were placed on the...

[C]orporate American Express bill of CEO John Junker despite the fact that one of the charges on said bill was a $1,241.75 excursion in September to a gentlemen's club called Bourbon Street with a bowl employee and a consultant.

Nothing like making it rain at a strip club with a bowl employee.  Playing devil's advocate I get that when you work in the same industry, you get industry friends.  And dirty old men enjoy being dirty old men.  But is it ever appropriate to toss money at chick's cooters knowing that your job will be paying for it?  Don't think so!  Not to mention the fact that it looks like your paying the BCS employee off with some skin.

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