With the price of a gallon of gasoline in Idaho averaging over $5, this summer might be better enjoyed by taking shorter trips out of Twin Falls that offer exciting opportunities. For those who like to hunt for rocks in the Gem State, there's a site 40 miles south of Twin Falls that is said to yield one of the largest concentrations of a unique stone made up of volcanic ash and traces of agate.

Summer officially begins on June 21. What better way to save money this summer than by planning small adventures throughout Twin Falls County that doesn't require dropping $130 to fill up the gas tank. One such outing that is sure to provide entertainment for the family is to go rockhounding at a site just off Hwy 93 about three miles north of Jackpot, Nevada.

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Rockhounding, or collecting precious and non-precious stones in the outdoors, is perfectly legal on most Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and forest service-owned land in Idaho. There's an area called Rabbit Springs between Twin Falls and Jackpot that contains clusters of fluorescent thundereggs. These stones are made up of a combination of volcanic and agate materials, according to Bondy's Outdoor Idaho website.

The true beauty of these rocks is realized when shined under a fluorescent light source. Another Idaho site that's only three hours northwest of Twin Falls that is supposed to contain a great number of larger thundereggs is an area known as Hog Creek, which is located just 11 miles outside of Weiser along Henley Basin Road.

Happy hunting!

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