It's been a while since I've shared a story for the rockhounds in Idaho that are looking for a new location to pack in the tools and spend some time relaxing in the beautiful backcountry of the Gem State. I researched a region in the southeastern part of the state that is supposed to be a hot spot for unique stones and travel trailer bliss.

Idaho is probably the best state in the country for stone hunting. There are dozens of precious and nonprecious stones in river beds, hills, and canyons throughout the state. Idaho's most prized stone (and state stone) is the Star Garnet. These beautiful rocks can be found in several regions of the state, and hunting for them is almost as fun as unearthing them.

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One area that is said to be a prime spot for glamping in the trailer among the region's tall pine trees and rich abundance of Obsidian is near the community of Kilgore, according to one online rockhounding guide. It's a little over a three-hour drive (230 miles) northeast of Twin Falls. It's just a few miles outside of Yellowstone National Park, and north of Idaho Falls.

Obsidian is formed from cooling lava, and it's a really unique looking stone. It's one of the most abundant rocks one can dig up in central and southern Idaho.

The weather in southern Idaho appears to be clearing by Friday, and plenty of sunshine is on the way for the following several days. Maybe now is a good time to load up the travel trailer and enjoy a few nights with a chair parked by the fire and a couple of afternoons of rockhounding with family and friends.

Good luck!

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