With the Coronavirus continuing to cause layoffs and forcing people to remain in their homes outside of working, services like Uber are also falling on tough times.

Uber, the ride-sharing company founded in 2009, has suffered greatly from the COVID-19 pandemic. Since expanding into food delivery a couple years back, the company had been experiencing annual revenues in upwards of $14 billion (2019). Well, those numbers have dropped substantially.

The company is in the process of cutting its driver work force by 14%, according to new information shared by CNN Business. This number equates to roughly 3,700 full-time positions. Uber currently employs approximately 21,000 drivers and office staff, with over 90 million people using its service monthly, according to the company's website.

Uber Eats has been a particularly useful service during the current Coronavirus pandemic, as more and more people have been dependent on food delivery with the nationwide closures of restaurant dining rooms. Uber Eats, a branch of the ride-sharing company, has been delivering food to customers for six years.

What does this mean for smaller cities like Twin Falls? Well, if the current COVID-19 tide doesn't change--many in the healthcare industry are projecting a more severe wave of the virus nationally this winter--than it means seeking an alternate transportation plan for those dependent on services such as Uber, is something people need to start planning for now.

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