ISLAND PARK, Idaho – If you plan to travel near Island Park anytime soon, wildlife officials have something to say: watch out for deer and elk that cross the highway.

The Idaho Department of Fish and Games says “a number of vehicle collisions with wildlife along U.S. 20 in the Island Park area is dramatically increasing” due to the animals’ spring migration.

As deer and elk move from winter ranges to summer ranges, and to birthing areas, more of them cross the highways. Fish and Game says this occurs not only near Island Park, but in other places “throughout the state.”

Motorists should keep an eye out for migrating animals on the road, especially in mornings and evenings when light is low and animals are most active. Remember that seeing one deer in the road can mean there are possibly more coming.

Fish and Game cautions motorists to be aware of their surroundings when on the roads.

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