For Magic Valley residents looking for an easy road trip weekend enjoying the changing colors of trees, some fishing in a rustic, postcard-like setting, and a small piece of reality television history, a lodge once visited in 2015 by celebrity chef and businessman Gordon Ramsay northeast of Twin Falls is still providing guests a relaxing and memorable experience.

Gordon Ramsay is no stranger to Idaho. He's visited properties both in the northern and southeastern regions of the Gem State for the filming of his reality television series Hotel Hell. Episode one of season three featured The Angler's Lodge in Island Park, Idaho. Ramsay looked terribly out of place in southeastern Idaho, but it was still very cool to see he featured this quaint, riverside property that's less than 40 miles from Yellowstone National Park.

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I made a call to the lodge Friday and found out they are still very much entertaining guests, serving up a great menu in the restaurant, and providing cabin-style rooms and suites to those who want a secluded stay among the gorgeous Idaho countryside. The barrage of curse words Ramsay leaves behind at sites he visits no longer reverberates off the walls of the lodge located at 3363 Old Highway 191, which is approximately 230 miles from Twin Falls.

Long gone are the sounds of a shouting, pompous old Brit. The guest comments I've read paint a tranquil picture, and one that includes an abundance of wildlife in a serene backdrop.

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