Rock Creek Park in Twin Falls has had a reputation for being a sketchy spot for years now. A new YouTube video shot by a local man gives the public a bird's eye view of just how bad certain areas of the 12-acre recreation site are.

In the three and a half years since I moved to Twin Falls, I've only gone to Rock Creek Park one time. It was for a graduation party in 2018. I didn't get an opportunity to do a lot of exploring while there, and after seeing the newest Hey Arnel production on YouTube, I'm glad I didn't.

I've been a fan of this guy's videos since my boss first brought them to my attention in 2017. He's a local who normally produces great area exploration videos, complete with excellent drone and hand held video footage, accompanied by a soundtrack that always hits the mark for me.

His new video, which was uploaded April 29, 2020, resembles more of an investigative piece. He takes viewers throughout Rock Creek Park, which I just learned used to be home to a junkyard, and makes a strong case through his footage as to why the city should dedicate some time to cleaning this park up.

"Hobo Cave," is one of the spots he enters in the video. Food, garbage, mattresses, random clothing--there's even a humorous part in the video where he points out someone decided to leave their pants on a rock--are scattered throughout the area. He also engages with other locals on the subject of safety, as well as a case where a jogger was allegedly approached at knife point in June of 2018.

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