Parks appeal to drug dealers largely because there are multiple exit points and trees, trails, bushes, and creeks can provide cover or escape routes not easily navigated by law enforcement. One particular Twin Falls park came up in a recent online discussion by area residents as being a hot spot for illegal activity.

I've never sold anyone drugs in my life, and as a parent, dealers are a major concern of mine, particularly the ones peddling drugs such as methamphetamine and cocaine. Drug dealers might be shady scumbags, but most aren't stupid. There are those who do, however, conduct business in a reckless manner.

Multiple allegations surfaced recently on a local rants/raves page that identified Rock Creek Park in Twin Falls as a major drug dealing location. Having lived in Twin Falls for years, this certainly isn't the first time I've heard these types of complaints about the park, which is a large, sprawling area.

What makes this park desirable for dealers are the obvious hiding places. Rock Creek has several caves and nooks that make getting out of sight relatively easy. The complaints I read in the recent post allege a foreign, male individual is dealing drugs in broad daylight to area teenagers. Multiple comments on Facebook from Twin Falls visitors to the park seem to corroborate these claims.

Have you seen this type of illegal activity taking place at Rock Creek Park? Have you seen an older, male who you believe is dealing drugs to area youth?

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