When I first heard about Flavor Flav owning a fried chicken place, I was quite excited!  I love southern food!!  Honestly, I was hoping for an IHop to be right next to it so if I did visit, I could get chicken n waffles (AMAZING!)

But now it seems Flav has left the fried chicken biz and it seems for really good reasons.  Maybe he's not a dumb ass?

Here's the skinny:

Flav told WQAD-TV that he was pulling a license that allowed restaurant manager Nick Cimino to use his name in the restaurant because he “isn’t running the business right.” Some former employees had complained they were not paid.

I'm impressed.  That's cool, he actually cares!  So Flav and his business partner - the dude who actually ran the place had some bad words, Flav cut the funding and the Iowa fried chicken place closed it's doors this past Sunday.  The restaurant had only been opened for four months.

Bummer!  Oh well, now for videos of chicken and waffles!

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