I was in grade school and looking at new cars with my dad.  The salesman was our neighbor, Zon Davidson.  My old man and Zon had a great relationship.  One day the salesman told my dad he had sold a car my dad had been contemplating buying.  When my dad asked why Zon hadn’t called him, the neighbor claimed he did.  He said he walked out back and yelled “Bill!”  Mr. Davidson had a gravel driveway.  I liked the shiny stones and used to take them home.  He came out on his porch one day and told me if I kept collecting the stones that he wouldn’t any longer have a driveway.

I liked going to the Dodge dealership.  There was a machine with a small bottle of cold pop.  I believe it was a nickel or dime for a serving.  You would drop in the coin, open a door and tug at the bottle you wanted.  It was always icy cold.

My dad was looking at a boat or a car during one trip.  We always went in September, right after the new models arrived.  Mr. Davidson would hand me the catalogs with bright pictures of the latest metal and chrome.

I had been longing for the family to get a Plymouth Barracuda.  Then I saw something called a Dodge Charger.  It was love at first sight.  I thought it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.  I stood and was staring.  Zon came over and asked if that’s what I wanted to drive when I was grown up.

I clearly remember telling him that by the time I was old enough to drive, we would have flying cars.  People across the showroom began to laugh.  I had watched a lot of the Jetsons.

More than 50 years later, I may finally have an opportunity.  Click on this link.  Flying cars are here and maybe commercially available very soon.  Though, judging by current government policy, horses and buggies may be the only option in a decade.

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