A couple of months ago I wrote a story about a movie being filmed near Fairfield.  The home of a friend has been used for the filming of some scenes.  He knows a bit about cinema because he has another friend in the movie business.  A guy named Bruce Willis, who is slightly better known than your local talk radio host.  The weather along the Camas Prairie is a unique micro-climate.  While it was hot in the Magic Valley on the day of filming, the crew working in Fairfield on that particular morning dressed in winter clothing!

It’s a trade-off.  It’s cold at times but truly God’s country. 

Don’t you wish you had his skills?  Some people are born with vivid imaginations.

The film is science fiction.  My friend, Mike McFadyen, is an inventor.  Tinkerer too but he holds patents on some mightily impressive safety and engineering devices.

Just a few weeks ago he finished converting an old Army truck into a fire truck.  It can climb and reach some of the worst hot spots during a wildfire.  I remember thinking every fire company should own at least one of those trucks.  I may write more about the truck in the future but first, back to the film.

As I said, it’s science fiction.  Mike is working on some of the vehicles you’ll see when it hits the screen.  You’re looking at one at the top of this page.  Don’t you wish you had his skills?  Some people are born with vivid imaginations.  Wouldn’t it be great to pilot that thing down Route 20?  The oncoming traffic is usually gawking at mountains.  My money says you would get them focused on the road and quickly!

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