I get it, the Fourth Of July is all about America!  And following your American dream sounds like a great way to celebrate America's independence and that's what I did.

I worked on a dream of mine, then I worked on hanging out with my husband...another dream of mine.  However, my Fourth of July was not too crazy.  I did some voice over work in the AM (my American Dream), then watched the new Spider Man movie with my husband and mother-in-law (great movie by-the-way, except for the kids talking loudly in my ear).

The one thing I didn't do is, I didn't have to work!  I don't want to complain, but dude I work a lot!  And I love it, I love radio, but everyone needs a break now and then and I took it.  It was awesome!

Luckily, it looks like most of you did not have to work either on the Fourth Of July.  According to our poll results:

Work On Fourth Poll Results

If not, what did you do on the Fourth Of July?

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