Recently we wrote about the crowded situation at the Twin Falls Animal Shelter. It seems to be raining cats and dogs and the shelter is becoming inundated with adoptable pets. They have even had quite a few bunnies up for adoption lately. To help ease the strain on the shelter facilities and staff and to get some of these cats, the Twin Falls Animal Shelter is teaming up with other shelters in the Idaho Shelter Coalition to hold a one day event and offer cat adoptions free of charge.

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The event is Saturday, October 24th between 10am and 2pm at the Twin Falls Animal Shelter. These types of free adoption events are key and necessary in helping the shelter become a no-kill facility and get the pets into loving homes. The Twin Falls Animal Shelter finished up their 'Clear the Shelter Event' about two months ago and are already filled up again.

Free adoption events help ensure that the animals don't remain at the shelter for too long. If they are in the shelter situations too long it is possible they can develop behavior issues or become more susceptible to sicknesses, according to

Don't forget to get us pictures of your cats, dogs, alpacas, snakes, or even goldfish if you can get them to wear a Halloween costume. The 2020 Halloween Pet Photo Contest is on now and you could win $500 for sharing pictures of your costumed pets.

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